Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!  I hope you have a great long weekend 🙂

Today I am reminiscing about some of my Easter memories…

2014 – Berlin, Germany.

This time last year, Carlos and I spent five days in Berlin over Easter.  Falling in love with the city, cycling through Potsdam, searching for street art, wandering through all of the different areas and finding chocolate.DSC00970DSC00969DSC00942

2012 – London, UK.

A family Christmas in London in which I painted real eggs with pretty colours.DSC_1186

2011 – Santiago, Chile.

I was living in Santiago for this Easter and my mum came to visit me.  Carlos and I made these little Easter baskets from clay for our mums, and Carlos’ mum made this amazing savoury pancake cake that I re-created here.DSC_0672 DSC_0680

2010 – Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This was during my five-month South American trip.  I was spending a month in Buenos Aires during Easter and we went to a steak restaurant (I ordered the only veggie dish) where we got given a free Easter egg and wine.  And, there was a giant blow-up Christ in the city centre.DSCF2683

2007 – Brighton, UK.

A family trip to Brighton.  Easter is always so unpredictable with weather but it looks like we struck lucky with a sunny day by the sea.DSCF2512.JPG

What are your favourite Easter memories?

Marcella xx

6 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Haha!! That giant blow up Christ! I love those clay baskets… soooo cute! And I went to that same chocolate shop in Berlin! It was like chocolate heaven!! I’ve never celebrated Easter, except for maybe having some chocolate eggs at work. 🙂 You’ve had some really interesting ones over the years!

  2. I know, haha, it also wobbled about if there was any bit of wind – weird! That chocolate shop was so good, argh! Our friend, who lives there (in Berlin, not in the shop!), took us there and I was so very glad 🙂 When we were in Chile a few months ago, I noticed that Carlos’ mum had kept her basket – sweet!

  3. Happy Easter! How fun to have spend a holiday in so many different places? I recall spending Easter in the US, with my family, Sydney during a study abroad and now Seoul. My favorite Easter memory is probably any of the years I was young enough to participate in the Egg Hunt!

  4. Aw how cute and wonderful that you experienced a holiday in so many different places! I definitely haven’t properly celebrated easter in a while – but I feel like i should paint some eggs next year – such a fun tradition 🙂 And I did end up doing that little egg hunt for my boyfriend – his first one!

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