Finding My Favourite Food

Food, eating habits, eating customs, flavours… they are all huge parts of travelling and mean we get to learn more and more about a country through our tastebuds.

In 2008, when I first booked to go to Nepal and India I was slightly concerned that I’d spend the whole two months with my mouth on fire.  I wasn’t a fan of spicy food, at all.  Little did I know, these cuisines would fast become my favourite of them all!


As a non meat-eater it can be difficult to travel far and wide without just eating bread and salad for days on end or having people look at you as if you have two heads when you tell them you don’t eat meat.  However, India and Nepal are the places to go!  Veggie food is the norm and you will be utterly spoilt with the wide variety of choice and preparations.

When spending 7 weeks living with a family in Nepal we ate the same food, during the week, everyday for two meals a day.  Let me introduce you to Dal Bhat….



There are slightly different preparations but in essence it is rice, lentils, roti, potatoes and maybe a few other vegetables.  It’s very carb heavy but utterly delicious and very moreish.  ImageImage

You may be lucky to get hold of some creamy rice pudding too, we were cooked these HUGE pots full of the stuff!


Then we spent two weeks travelling around Northern India.  We ate at many local restaurants where you have Thali for lunch or dinner for the equivalent of 25p.


Thali is similar to Dal Bhat in that it’s made up of a selection of little dishes.  And you know that 25p, that includes unlimited re-fills of your plate – they keep coming round and filling it up.

Look at this overflowing plate of goodness!


And don’t forget, Chai.  Sweet, milky tea which is served everywhere in cute, metal cups.  Oh yeah, before Indian I’d never drunk a full cup of tea either.  Despite being English, I’d never enjoyed it.

When I moved to Chile, 2 years later… Indian food was the food I missed the most. Luckily I managed to find some delicious Indian food in Santiago.

Bon appetit!  Which is your favourite food discovery?

Marcella xx

I first published this post way back in January 2014, in my first weeks of blogging, when nobody read my blog.  So I thought I’d edit it, add more detail and share it with you today for Travel Tuesday.


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18 thoughts on “Finding My Favourite Food

  1. I love your pics of Indian food; my all time favourite as well. I am soon moving to Cairo and had to make sure Indian food could be found before moving! Happy travels and happy blogging, Cheryl

  2. I LOVE indian food! I’m a meat eater, but often, I like the veggie & rice dishes in Indian food even more! I haven’t been able to get my hands on it for so long, that finally when I went to Singapore, it was all I wanted to eat! I’m really interested to go to India for the food. Did you ever get sick from eating in India? I’ve heard some horror stories so I feel a little cautious. I haven’t had Nepalese food but it looks amazing too. I didn’t know you stayed with a family for that long in Nepal. You’ve had some really amazing adventures!

    And thanks so much for the shoutout this week! I really appreciate it! x

    • I can imagine Singapore having great Indian food, don’t they have a great variety of world cuisine? I didn’t get really ill like a lot of people but I did struggle a bit, I don’t think a trip to India is complete without that, ha! I didn’t include in this post a Nepali dish called momo, which has influences from Tibet. They are like dumplings and are so delicious 🙂 YUM!
      You’re welcome, I really loved your post 🙂

  3. I don’t eat meat either! I find it pretty challenging sometimes to find something I can eat off menus when traveling to places that don’t have a lot of vegetarian options. I absolutely love Indian food though, and I’m glad a lot of them are vegetarian minded too!

    • I knowwww, It’s so hard, isn’t it? I have struggled lots in lots of countries and have ended up having to eat the same thing day after day. But India is the place! Lots of Indians are vegetarians too so it’s totally normal there 🙂 It was amazing!

  4. Oooh yum – and endless refills wow! I like Indian food a lot but would like to try it properly in India… I bet the flavours blow anything else out of the water 🙂

  5. I’m actually not big on Indian food but I loved the photos and the stories! My favorite food discovery was in Indonesia. I love Indonesian and Malaysian food (who knew!)- spicy, fresh, and flavorful.

  6. Yeah Indian food always scared me as well because of the spices – but I had it for the first time in Britain…obviously lol and it’s really surprised me! And I love how easy it is to go veggie – however I am not a lover of ‘saucy’ stuff so I find it difficult to want to try more stuff when everything is just kind of bathing in sauce lol…but sometimes just giving it a chance really helps discover a new thing 🙂 And that rice pudding sounds delicious!

    • My favourites are saag paneer and dahl – they aren’t too covered in sauce and are so delicious! Mmm! 🙂 The rice pudding was great, it was the only sweet thing we had, apart from tea so it was always very appreciated!

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