A Chilean Legend :: La Pincoya

Happy Travel Tuesday, everyone!

This week’s (optional) prompt is all about local legends.  Instead of picking any from my travels I asked Carlos to tell me about some from Chile, as surprisingly I don’t think I knew any.  So, we spent Friday night looking at some different legends on the internet, (rock and roll!) and I’ve picked one to share with you today.

La Pincoya

This myth originates from an island called Chiloé which is located in the south of Chile.  I haven’t yet been but would very much like to.  One of the images I’ve seen time and time again is of these beautiful, colourful houses by the water.  chiloe_rutas_chileVia

Anyway, back to the Legend.  Let me introduce you to… La Pincoya.  The daughter of the king of the sea.613999Via

Known for her beauty, her happiness and her long, blonde hair.  She is a water spirit who lives in the sea of Chiloé.

The thing about La Pincoya is that the amount of fish and seafood in the sea is all down to her and the way she faces as she dances.  If she dances facing the sea then the people of Chiloé will be happy as this ensures that the sea is brimming with fish and seafood.  You can bet the fishermen are especially happy at this point!  La Pincoya likes people to be happy and cheerful, and if she sees this then she is more likely to dance facing the sea.  To keep her happy, the fishermen often fish with their friends, rather than being alone.pincoyaVia

However, if she dances facing the mountains, the opposite happens and the food from the sea will be few and far between as it becomes infertile.  The people of Chiloé then call for her to return so that once more they can have fish and seafood to feast on.


I found this lovely video about the legend here, if you are interested {In Spanish}

I hope you enjoyed learning about La Pincoya, it was fun to write a different type of post and learn something new about Chile!

Marcella xx

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26 thoughts on “A Chilean Legend :: La Pincoya

  1. Cool story… it’s interesting to hear these legends and be able to think to a point in time when people likely came up with them to explain the world around them. I think before the advent of “modern science,” everyone was a bit more creative in their explanations.

    • Me too – I have LOVED reading them all 😀 Depends what you mean by fluent?! 😉 hehe. I can have a full on conversation and understand everything but, my grammar is ridiculously bad as I’ve never taken classes. My family-in-law don’t speak any English so I’ve learnt it all from chatting to them. Hopefully I’ll improve when we’re back in Chile.

  2. Chiloe is a magical place to visit. You can stay in a Palafito – the houses over the water. We stayed in one while we were there and it was just fantastic. At high tide you are surrounded by water and at low tide you see miles of seabed. I gave the address of the one we stayed at in my Chiloe post, which I know you have read. I can recommend it but I’m sure there are other Palafitos you can stay in as well. Chiloe has an abundance of myths and legends – magic too – I didn’t know about La Pincoya legend – thanks.

  3. I’ve really enjoyed reading about all these local legands in this weeks link up! I guess something like this makes sense, we it’s 100s of years ago and you couldn’t explain the differences in the levels of food, then something like a legand/god/ or other thing would make a nice way to understand it. If that makes any sense…

  4. What a cool story! I love Chiloe especially Ancud. My favorite beach is just south of town. Miles of uninhabited beach you can drive on with caves and giant rocks. Just spectacular!

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