Colourful Pancakes

Last week was everyone’s favourite Tuesday of the year… Pancake Day!  How many countries celebrate Pancake Day, by the way?

Well, we do here in the UK.  I decided to make some very colourful pancakes and treated them a bit more like fajitas as I love attempting a whole entire meal made of only pancakes; savoury and sweet!

I got to work on making a huge bowl of batter as there were four hungry people to feed.DSC03064 DSC03065 DSC03066

After lots of whisking, ladel-ing and flipping, I had seventeen pancakes ready!DSC03067 DSC03068

So now to the colourful part.  I prepared creamed spinach; onions, garlic, spinach, sweetcorn and natural yogurt and colourful red and yellow peppers.  Both with a generous helping of pepper.  All pilled up and sprinkled with cheese.DSC03070DSC03071 DSC03072

For dessert, none other than ‘manjar’ (It’s exactly the same as dulce de leche – it even says it on the pack – but in Chile it’s know as manjar, and some Chileans say that it’s different… it tastes the same to me anyway!) pronounced mang-har. So sweet and moorish.  We brought this back from our November trip to Chile but I wanted to keep it for a special occasion… and Pancake Day is definitely that!DSC03073

What do you like in your pancakes?  And, which countries celebrate Pancake Day too?!

Last year’s pancakes are here, and how to make a pancake cake is here.

Marcella xx

4 thoughts on “Colourful Pancakes

    • Oooh, really?! I’m interested to see where people celebrate it! It’s a tradition that comes from way back when people used to use up some of their food supplies before the start of lent. And so, pancake day was born! They have so many Nutella displays in the shops for the week before 😀

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