A Wonderful Welsh Weekend

Happy Travel Tuesday!!

When I think of amazing, breathtaking scenery I often think of far flung places. The kind of places where you spend a whole day on a plane to get there, however, this weekend we took a train and found just what I wanted… a close place with really, really amazing scenery {and mountains because I love mountains}… Wales!

This weekend Carlos and I, and two of of our friends rented a cottage in the Snowdonia area of North Wales.  On The Saturday morning we set our alarms early, wolfed down some breakfast, piled on the layers, laced up up our walking boots and set off… we literally drove into the clouds.


We talked about how long it would be until the rain began and crossed our fingers and toes that it wouldn’t.  We parked the car on the road and set off on our descent up the mountain of Carnedd Dafydd.  You couldn’t see the mountain due to the fog… but we were going up it!  There were also extremely dark clouds rolling in our direction with the threat of rain.  Although, they looked dramatically beautiful from a far!  Then it started to rain… but thankfully for all of two minutes.DSC03110DSC03111Here I am looking very cold and wrapped up… but this level of cold was nothing compared to what was to come!DSC03106

Off we went, past the rushing stream that tumbled down through the rocks.  The water was so clear and looked so fresh.  The perfect definition of ‘nature’.DSC03115After a little while our boots started to hit snow and the views became more and more wonderful.   Is there really anything better than a view of snow-capped mountains?!  It really is one of my favourites.  The views changed by the minute as the clouds glided low and high, it was beautiful.  DSC03121 DSC03124 DSC03132 DSC03145 DSC03158A bit further up there was snow, and a lot of it.  Each step was harder in the crunchy, untouched white powder and I felt like I was climbing vertically.  Then it got too cold, and windy, for me to take my camera out anymore.  It was the first time I have ever felt like my eyes were cold and it turns out that I had ice on my eyelashes!!  I didn’t know that was even a thing but the wind was so strong it must have been carrying moisture that froze on my eyelashes… eeek!  It was stunning.DSC03163 DSC03169 DSC03172Once we reached the top we tried as quickly as possible to get out of the freezing wind and slipped and slid down the mountain.  Well, we walked down it but on more than two occasions I tumbled a bit!  By this point we’d worked up an appetite and so it was time to unpack our lunch.  I couldn’t feel my hands by this point.

Then we found these amazing views…. wow!!!!  You could see every meander in the river, every shade from the mountains and again, the beauty that is snow-capped mountains.  DSC03191 DSC03193 DSC03194

Then it was back to the cottage for a warm shower, a huge plate of pasta and an evening in front of the fire.DSC03202

What a wonderful way to spend a weekend!  Do you like mountain walks?  Where can you recommend for views as beautiful as this?

Marcella xx WhatAWonderfulWorld


Now, it’s time for the Travel Tuesday Link-up with Bonnie, Caity, Michelle, Amanda and I.


This week I am featuring Setarra who blogs at Quaintrelle for her wonderful, reflective post on Parc Guell in Barcelona.  I really enjoyed reading it so go and check it out!traveltuesdayspotlight_barcelona

 Next week (Tuesday 3rd March) will be our optional monthly themed prompt which is:

‘Local legends’ | The urban myths and stories you have come upon while traveling, in your expat, life, or ones from your hometown.
I’m looking forward to reading all of your posts 🙂

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54 thoughts on “A Wonderful Welsh Weekend

  1. Wow are those views ever amazing! I didn’t realize Wales even had mountains, haha, but I guess I don’t know much about Wales in general. And a cozy night in by the fire sounds like the perfect end to that day!

  2. This is gorgeous! I love that look of the grass and vegetation just peeking up from underneath a little bit of snow. What an adventure… I would love to visit wales one day, but I just wouldn’t know where to start!

  3. I am just in awe over here! I can’t believe it was just last weekend that it was so cold and icy there… I guess they don’t call it ‘Snowdonia’ for nothing 😉 The beautiful scenery and the thought of a cozy cabin is my absolute dream weekend. Can’t wait to make it to Wales!

  4. How lucky to be so close to something so beautiful. I love hiking in the mountains. Definitely something I miss about California, since Germany is not a very mountainous place… at least not in the North. Looks like it was an exhausting but rewarding day.

  5. Lovely pictures! That part of Wales is so beautiful. I seem to always go in the freezing weather though, which although beautiful, is too much for me! I must go back when it’s a bit warmer.

  6. Wow! These landscapes are incredible!! I love going for walks in the mountains, but usually when the weather is warmer! You are so brave for venturing out in the rain and snow! I guess if you have a nice warm cabin to come back to, why not! 😀

  7. Oh my word, these views are ah-mazing! And congrats to you for making to the top of the mountain! I’m sure the fire was a welcome respite from the cold afterwards, you totally deserved it! Also, thank you so much for highlighting my post on Parc Guell Marcella! Totally unexpected but greatly appreciated 🙂

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