Packing for a Weekend in the Mountains

I’m so excited that this weekend Carlos and I are going to the Welsh mountains with a couple of friends.  Did you know I love, love mountains?!

We’re staying in a small, cosy cottage and spending the weekend walking, admiring the views, cooking in and playing cards.  I’m hoping the beautiful blue skies of this week will join us for the trip, but as it’s the UK we just don’t know, so I am preparing for all weather conditions.  Here’s what I’m packing…

Train entertainment – we have a long journey there!

  • My current book – The Year of Living Danishly (Highly recommended!)
  • Tablet


Walking Clothes

  • A lightweight, waterproof jacket
  • Lightweight, dry-fit walking trousers and top
  • Thermal layers!  A must for taking off when you get warm from walking or for piling on to protect yourself from the wind.
  • Headband – this is my running headband and is amazing for when you get too warm for a hat but you still need to protect your ears
  • Hat and gloves

DSC03078 DSC03080 DSC03082

For your feet

  • Walking boots – Remember this post where I wrote a letter to my old walking boots… well, here are the new ones.  They’ve only been on one trip so they are more than ready for trip number two!
  • Walking socks


  • Mini toiletries
  • Simple make-up for the evenings, after that long and warm shower!



  • Camera – do I go anywhere without it?!
  • Blog ideas notebook
  • “Normal clothes” for the evenings
  • Playing cards
  • Plastic bags – got to put those wet, muddy clothes somewhere!


What do you pack for a weekend in the mountains?

Marcella xx       WhatAWonderfulWorld

What I pack for a long-haul flight is here.

16 thoughts on “Packing for a Weekend in the Mountains

  1. Aw have a lovely time! I definitely want to see Wales one day! And you are pretty good at packing for a weekend – I am the worst at that! Especially if, on top of visiting, there is physical exercise involved! And that book looks so interesting – I kind of dream to move to Denmark so will look it up!

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