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Happy Travel Tuesday!  I’m so excited to be a new Travel Tuesday co-host, for Bonnie‘s Tuesday link-up, along with Caity, Michelle and Amanda 🙂

In case you are new to my blog… I’m Marcella, a Londoner, who loves to travel and photograph everything.  I use my blog to document my current and previous travels as well as my London adventures.  Between 2010 and 2011 I lived in Chile and I will be moving there again later this year so my London adventures will soon turn into Chilean ones!  I thought the best way to start off my three months of co-hosting the link up would be with my ABC’s of travel.  I’ve seen so many of my favourite travel bloggers complete these questions and I find them so interesting to read. So, here are mine:


Age you went on your first international trip?

At three months I went on holiday with my mum and dad to Malta.  I can’t say I remember much!

Best beach and where?

I wrote a whole post about some of my favourite beaches. My favourite of all just has to be Lagoinha do Leste in Florianópolis, Brazil. I was Couchsurfing in Florianópolis and the hosts took us to a deserted beach, literally deserted, I mean there were four other people there. It was a beautiful, rocky, hour-long hike and we arrived to this paradise. The sand was perfect and we spent some time in the lagoon too.DSCF1590

Cuisine. Favourite?

Hands down; Indian! So vegetarian friendly, so full of flavour and just so delicious. Indian food was the food I missed the most when I lived in Chile as it’s pretty much our national cuisine here in the UK too.DSC_0126.JPG

Destinations. Favourite and least favourite? Why?

Favourites – there are just too many… I could never choose and I like all the places I’ve been for so many different reasons.

Least Favourite – I wasn’t a big fan of Phnom Penh in Cambodia, but they do have a beautiful Royal Palace to make up for it!DSC_0189

Event you’ve experienced abroad that made you say “WOW!”?

Seeing the Taj Mahal. I think my jaw literally dropped open.DSC_0207

Favourite mode of transportation?

Trains – they are the most comfortable and you get to see so much out of the windows. My favourite train rides were the night trains in India as you feel like you are on such an adventure and they have really great food too.DSC_1236

Greatest feeling while travelling?

The first wander you take and the feeling of thinking “I can’t believe I’m here!” while taking in all of the sights and smells around you. Priceless.

Hottest place you’ve ever travelled to?

I’m not sure about temperature wise but the hottest I felt was in Rio, Brazil. The humidity was unreal; you start sweating the second you get out of the shower.DSCF1046

Best Ice cream?

Volta, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I tell everyone about this ice-cream. It was dulce de leche with brownie and I’ll never forget it.

 Journey that took the longest?

One of my journeys from Santiago, Chile to London.  10 hour flight – 10 hour layover – 10 hour flight.  With two nights on planes… I didn’t arrive feeling that refreshed.DSC02481

Keepsake from your travels?

My photos. I have over 20,000 photos on my laptop and lots of these are from travelling. Once my backup deleted a chunk of my India photos and I cried.

Let-down sight. Where and why?

I went on “safari” in Nepal but just saw two deer…

Moment where you fell in love with travelling?

In Nepal, 2008. I was 19 and it was my first trip to another continent without my family. It’s where so many of my future travel plans began…DSC_1185

Nicest hotel you’ve ever stayed in?

The luxurious Valparaiso Palace in Majorca, Spain.

Obsession. What are you obsessed with taking photos of while travelling? 

The sky – clouds, sunrises, sunsets, clear blue sky, the sun, views… all of the above!DSC_0231

Passport stamps. How many and from where?

I feel very lucky to have 54 stamps in my current passport.DSC02470

Quirkiest attraction you’ve visited and where?

The natural, rock water slides in the Telemark region of Norway.

Recommended sight, event or experience.

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland. The surroundings are just so lovely and scenic and you feel so relaxed once you get into the naturally warm water.IMG_2031.JPG

Splurge. Something you have no problem spending money on while travelling?

Experiences. I don’t mind spending money on things that I know I’ll probably never do again. One of my biggest splurges was going to see Angel Falls in Venezuela.DSCF4460

Touristy thing you’ve done?

Posed for a photo “holding up” the leaning tower of Pisa

Unforgettable travel memory?

Carnival in Rio, Brazil. I had dreamt of going for so long and it was the most amazing party and cultural experience that I think I’ll ever experience.DSCF1276

Visas. How many and for where?

I’m counting the paper visas which take up whole pages in your passport, so two from India, one from Nepal and one from Cambodia.

Wine. Best glass while travelling?

My favourite wine is Late Harvest in Chile. It’s ridiculously sweet so you don’t want more than one glass.

eXcellent view and where from?

The view of Iguazu Falls. The waterfalls were so beautiful and it was just amazing how many of them there were.DSCF2342

Years spent travelling?

My longest period of full-time travelling was five months in South America in 2010.

Zealous sports fans and where?

Brazilian football fans. I was in Brazil during the 2010 world cup and when Brazil won games, the streets were closed and people would ride in their cars (some were sat on top of the cars) blaring music, honking horns and singing. It was a wonderful sight.

What are your ABCs of Travel?

Marcella xx


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35 thoughts on “ABC’s of Travel

  1. Congrats on being a TT host! I love this ABC prompt and glad to see your answers. I’ve never been to India but I imagine just standing in front of the Taj Mahal like you did would certainly take your breath away! And with you on train travel… it’s so fun, maybe because it’s become sort of a novelty with bus travel becoming cheaper oftentimes these days. I took a train trip a couple days ago and I loved looking out at the snowy landscapes and seeing all of the cute little stations pass by.

    • Thanks so much, Cynthia! That snowy landscape you described sounds wonderful, I’m taking a 3.5hr train through Wales this coming weekend and I’m so excited to see all the landscapes! I also find trains provide a good chance to relax as there is nothing more to do than read and rest 🙂

  2. I love reading these posts!
    I so agree with that ‘first wander’ feeling. There is nothing like it. Especially when you’ve been looking forward to something for so long! It’s just the best feeling!
    I’m also jealous of all of your passport stamps! Over here in the Schengen Zone of Europe, you rarely even go through customs. Guess I’ll have to venture elsewhere!
    Thanks for sharing all your stories and congrats on becoming a TT host 😀

    • Thanks Lauren, I’m really excited to be hosting! I totally agree – in that first wander all the excitement finally comes to life, doesn’t it?! The best feeling, ever!! In the UK we don’t get Euro passport stamps either, my passport stamps are from S America and Asia, mostly. With a very high proportion from Chile!

  3. Wow, I can imagine Carnival in Brazil would be quite the experience! I just visited Cologne’s Carnival in Germany and it was amazing! I love reading ABCs posts. It’s such a fun way to learn more about someone’s travels!

  4. I’m so envious of all of your amazing travels – and pictures! I need to be better about taking more pictures when I travel. The Brazil trips look especially amazing; that’s one of my primary bucket list stops. I also love this “ABC’s of Travel” topic – Ill definitely have to try that for a future post. 🙂

    • Thanks, I love reading them too 🙂 Nepal was such a special place, I have nothing but amazing memories from my time there. But, yeah, don’t bother with a “safari”… looking back at it is funny as we had a plastic sheet over the jeep thing and it was monsoon, so the whole thing leaked and we were soaked through, We did go with a really cheap company, so maybe that was the mistake. But, wow Bhutan, I know nothing about it but it sure sounds like an amazing place to visit!

  5. I love reading these posts to get to know the blogger more! So exited for you to be moving to Chile again (whereabouts?)! I can’t wait to follow those adventures! I also didn’t know you’ve been to India and im glad that you like Indian train travel. The bf really wants to go to India (and we both loooove the cuisine too!), maybe even at the end of this year, but the thought of India scares me. If that does happen later, I’ll be sure to ask you tons of questions!

    • I’d love to read your ABC’s, Anna 😉 We’re not sure exactly where we are moving to yet, it depends on where my fiancé gets work as his job is more specialist, but I’ll be able to teach anywhere. We are hoping to move to a different city, not Santiago but not far from it! Exciting times ahead this year 🙂 I would REALLY, really, really recommend India, I loved it so much and I promise it’s not scary, it’s really friendly and charming so please do send any questions my way – I spent time in Northern India and in Mumbai too.

  6. Congrats on being a Travel Tuesday host! Love this post – wow, where haven’t you been?? Carnival in Rio must have been an incredible experience. I was just in Venice for theirs, which was such a fun time. And I’m obsessed with taking sunrise / sunset photos (well, I’m not a morning person, so more sunsets…) and getting views from above too. The sky totally can make a photo and is so fascinating to me!

    • Thanks so much, Sara!! Venice carnival sounds wonderful, I would love to visit Venice one day (and before it disappears too!) I love the sky and seem to always be commenting on it, today and yesterday in London have been beautifully clear, sunny days; I even saw the stars last night which rarely happens in this city, which was very exciting 😉

  7. Wait, who are you again?
    Kidding, kidding. I love these, Marcella! I would absolutely sob with abandon if anything ever happened to my photos! We both love Indian food and again, I find out that you’ve been somewhere amazing! India?! I really want to go some day ahhfjsdf. Expect many questions down the road on all your travel spots because I’d definitely hit you up for advice. South America and India just seem like the most adventurous places to me! Also that photo of Angel Falls…

    • Now I’m waiting for your ABC’s 😉 India and S America are definitely FULL to the brim of adventure, go, go, go!! (Send any questions my may, of course 🙂 ) And, Indian food is just spectacular, you can’t beat it!

  8. You’ve seriously been everywhere! I have some major travel envy… I want to see Angel Falls so badly! One day 😉 And I’m so glad you brought up the ice cream in Argentina! I thought the ice cream in Buenos Aires was just as good as in Rome. I got dulce de leche everywhere I went in BA and was pretty much in heaven the whole time!

  9. So nice to “meet” you, Marcella! I don’t think I’d ever come across your blog prior to seeing your a new host for Travel Tuesday! Today I am reminiscing about visiting London for the first time exactly a year ago; jealous that you get to call that city home, but also excited to see that you’re planning to move to Chile! I’ve heard lots of great things about Chile and am hoping to convince my husband that a South America trip would be a great adventure for next year! I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    • Hey!! Thanks, it’s lovely to meet you too 😉 Ah, I’m glad you got to travel to London, I do feel very lucky to be a Londoner. And, yes – Chile is a wonderful country with more natural beauty that you can imagine. There is just so much adventure in S America, I hope you manage to go 🙂

      • Hey!! Thanks, it’s lovely to meet you too 😉 Ah, I’m glad you got to travel to London, I do feel very lucky to be a Londoner. And, yes – Chile is a wonderful country with more natural beauty that you can imagine. There is just so much adventure in S America, I hope you manage to go 🙂

  10. Love these posts so much – it’s such a great way to learn quickly about all the travels you’ve done and oh my gosh have you travelled, that’s amazing!! I laughed so much at the Nepal ‘safari’ where you saw 2 deers…definitely would be a let down haha. And can’t wait to hear all about your move and travels to Chile and totally live vicariously through you!xx

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