London’s Newest View :: The Sky Garden

20 Fenchurch Street, known to Londoners as The Walkie-Talkie building opened in early 2014.  To most of us, apart from those who worked there, it was just another skyscraper in London.  But, last month the top floor opened as a viewpoint.  It is called The Sky Garden and is home to two restaurants, one bar and a FREE viewpoint, yup FREE!  As soon as it opened for booking I got us two places for Valentine’s day.  So yesterday we headed up!

The building is in the heart of the city, nestled between older buildings.DSC02992 DSC02993 DSC02994Upon arrival we zoomed up to the 35th floor in the super quick lift.  I even felt my ears pop.  Then we set at wandering around and admiring the view, seeing so many of London’s famous landmarks, many of which are viewpoints themselves.

St. Paul’s CathedralDSC02999DSC03055DSC03063

The GherkinDSC03018DSC03017 DSC03021

The ShardDSC03033

Tower Bridge and The Tower of LondonDSC03038DSC03009

Canary WharfDSC03042

Can you imagine cleaning these windows?!DSC03012

Then we admired the view from the cafe, over a sandwich and a hot chocolate, which were surprising reasonably priced!DSC03058 DSC03059DSC03030DSC03029

It was wonderful and the views were great, even on an overcast February day!  The terrace unfortunately wasn’t open yet and is due to open in mid March, so we might take another trip for then 😉

You can book online but keep checking back as they only seem to release a few days at a time. (I JUST checked and there is availability for the whole of March, so quickly book!)

Which is your favourite London view?  (Check out my view photos from The Shard here, my favourite views of them all!)

Marcella xx

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17 thoughts on “London’s Newest View :: The Sky Garden

  1. There is only one thing I love more than getting a view from above…getting one for FREE! Thank you for the wonderful tip! I’m planning a trip to London this spring, and I had no idea this existed before your post. I am certainly going to look into booking ahead of time and checking it out!

  2. ah…when I visited 1,5 year ago it was still in construction! I didn’t go up the Shard either, because it is so expensive!! But I visited St. Paul’s and I did go all the way up and admired the view…only it was cloudy and rainy that day! oh well! I’ll put the “Walkie Talkie” on my list for my next visit to London…sometime…

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