Sunrises and Sunsets

The best sunset I’ve ever seen was on the coast of Cambodia.  I was in a tuk-tuk heading to the beach, and the sun was the most incredible colours.  I’ll never forget it, but I didn’t get a chance to capture it on camera – sometimes the images you don’t capture stay longer.

Here are some of my favourite that I did manage to snap…

Sunrise over The Ganges River, India.

We woke up really early and went on a tiny boat over the ganges to see the sunrise. Everyone else in Varanasi seemed to already be awake; using the river as a place to wash themselves and their clothes.DSC_0092.JPGDSC_0086.JPG

Sunrise over Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

There is something really jaw dropping about seeing something that you’ve seen in so many photos.  Angkor Wat is one of those things.  Seeing the sunrise over the temple is something that everyone does, so it’s definitely not a quiet sunrise – it’s actually hard to get a space.  DSC_0176 DSC_0173 DSC_0171

Sunrise in The Amazon, Brazil.

In comparison, sunrise over the Amazon probably couldn’t be any quieter.  This was during a very peaceful three days spent in the Amazon.  We were just the four of us – my two friends, our guide and I.  Sunrises with reflections feel like a double reflection, don’t they?  We crawled out of hammocks very early in the morning – we were pitched up in trees just by the river.  The view was well worth it!DSC05420 DSC05423 DSC05424

Sunrise over Machu Picchu, Peru.

After three days of trekking, this view was a welcome sight!  These views don’t have a glowing sunrise but it was one of those clear sunrises where the sky suddenly goes from light to dark and feels so fresh and clear.  DSCF4058DSCF4044 DSCF4057

Sunset over Ipanema beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This photo was taken during Carnival in Rio.  It was one of my very first days (day three, I think) of my five month period of travelling in South America.  There isn’t anything much better than seeing the sun set over the mountain while sitting on the beach.DSCF1070

Sunset over the desert, Bolivia.

Every time I look at these photos, I always think they look like they’ve been edited… but they really weren’t.  It really did look this dramatic!  So much orange and over the flatness of the desert… spectacular!DSCF3547 DSCF3546

Sunset over Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.

Copacabana in Boliva feels very touristy; lots of tourist restaurant, tourist shops etc.  But, if you wander down to the lake and just take a walk of a few minutes along the edge of the lake… you’ll feel the peace and quiet.  DSCF3749 DSCF3750

Sunset over Chitwan District, Nepal.

This was one of those moments where I scrambled in my bag for my camera and managed to click just in time.  I loved this moment as the sun was setting and being reflected by the water on the rice fields.  The fields were full of water as this was during monsoon period.DSC_0648

Where did you see your favourite sunrise/ sunset?

Happy Weekend! 🙂

Marcella xx

29 thoughts on “Sunrises and Sunsets

  1. I love this!! And you guys have been EVERYWHERE! We couldn’t make ourselves get up at 4:30 am to see the sunrise over Angkor Wat. No way that was happening. But sometimes I do wish I were an early riser so I can see the beautiful sunrises. Even though I’ve seen some really pretty fiery sunsets from all over the world since I started traveling.. believe it or not, the BEST one I’ve ever seen was back at home. Somehow with the clouds and stuff, the sunset turned the entire sky into pastel blues and pinks, truly like a fluffy cotton candy sky! (Ooh found a pic:

    • Thanks Anna! Looking through all my travel pics makes me want to book a flight, immediately! *sigh* The early morning wake-up to go to the temples was indeed a very early one but I came back and napped later so all was ok 😉 I’ve just checked out your Instragram shot – those pinks are just beautiful. What a lovely sunset. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Wow, what gorgeous sunrise/sunset photos! I especially love the one in Bolivia – just stunning! One of my favorite sunsets I’ve seen was in the desert too. I was doing a camel trek to a Berber camp in Morocco, and as the sun set it just turned the sand such a deep golden color.

    • It was incredible! I went during my S American travels in 2010. We went to Manaus, and found a tour guide there, I don’t think you’d just be able to rock up. Well, not how remote we went – it was an hour on a speed boat and we were totally alone in the Amazon, the guide took us around and it was really unforgettable and felt so peaceful and full of nature, obviously. Really recommended 🙂 (Could be a future blog post 😉 )

      • For real!! Did you go with some friends or a sig. other into the Amazon? How were the mosquitos?? I get bitten like NO OTHER, so that’s high on my list to know. South America is actually next on my travel list, so if you have any tips, feel free to slide some my way 😉 I’m focusing on Peru for now… but am completely open to all suggestions!

      • I was with two friends at that point in the trip. That’s so exciting about your next trip, there are just an uncountable amount of amazing things to see and do in SA so you’ll LOVE it! I didn’t spend that much time in Peru but you’ve obviously got to go to Machu Picchu and I also went to see the floating islands, which were interesting but a big tourist trap! You could also visit the Peruvian Amazon. If you can, time permitting, I’d say to visit Peru’s neighbour, Bolivia. You can easily get to ‘Isla del Sol’ from Peru and it’s a beauty 🙂 If you have more time than that then I could swing you a million recommendations.

      • Guh! That sounds amazing! I don’t exactly when I would be going to SA (because I have some personal life things to figure out first, like a job) but I’m there the minute I get them sorted! I’m just scared that Peru is hitting its tourist peak right now. It’s like the next big “profile picture” destination and although I REALLY want to travel through the country, and Machu Picchu, I don’t want it to be among millions of other tourists haha. Please do! I’m probably planning at least a month or so 🙂

  3. Ah, I am a lover of sunsets and I believe I would love sunrises just as much if I could wake up in time for them! In all of the places I’ve been to, my favorite are sunsets in California! Although recently, I did see a beautiful sunset over Lake Michigan in Indiana! 🙂

    P.S. LOVE your photos! 🙂

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