Markets of London :: Maltby Street Market

Isn’t it great when you find new places in your city?  One of the (many) beauties of London is that there are so many great places, just waiting to be found.

On Sunday morning we looked online for markets in London, knowing that we’d been to a lot, to see if there were any we hadn’t.  We discovered this list and set of to Maltby Street Market, which I hadn’t even heard of!  (Have you?).  Armed with city mapper we set off on our way to find it.

It’s very different from a lot of London markets as it’s much smaller in size; it’s one, short road.  But, it’s packed full of lovely food.

DSC02983DSC02984DSC02985You can choose to eat in one of the indoor cafes or from one of the outdoor stalls. Due to the freezing temperatures, we opted for indoors and found ourselves in Comptoir Gourmand, where they served the biggest croissants I’ve ever seen!  DSC02982

We’d had breakfast, so settled for some delicious alternatives and you definitely can’t go wrong with spinach, onion and goats cheese.  It was so very delicious!DSC02979Carlos went for the cheese and ham.DSC02980All washed down with Hot Chocolate.DSC02981

Before re-walking the rest of the market and picking up a delicious fig and pecan sourdough loaf, and some honey beer.DSC02989DSC02990DSC02988

What’s your favourite market?  Have you been to Maltby Street Market?

Marcella xx

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23 thoughts on “Markets of London :: Maltby Street Market

  1. I’ve been to some amazing markets in London but I haven’t been to this one! I would love to visit all of them (I LOVE Markets) so I’ll have to try to catch this one next time I’m in London!

  2. I haven’t been to London yet but would be all over the markets when I do get the chance to visit! That hot chocolate looks so good!

  3. I never visited Maltby Street Market when I lived in London. I love the flags though – reminds me of Dublin! This is one of the things I miss most about London – there’s something new to explore down every street!

  4. Oh, yum! This is one of London’s markets I still haven’t made it to yet, but I’ve been hearing so much about it lately that I think I need to make the time pronto! Everything in this post makes my mouth water!

  5. London has such fantastic markets, so I’ve heard & seen, because I’ve never been to any myself yet. Next time I think I’m going to skip most of the typical tourist sights and seek out places like these 🙂

  6. Wow! Fellow Londoner myself and I too hadn’t heard of this market till now! Which market is your favourite? I have to admit I sadly haven’t been to many!!
    But your breakfast with goats cheese looks lovely!
    Will definitely save the list of markets to put on a to-do list!

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