Chilean Seafood Salad :: Ensalada de Machas

Chile has a Huuuuge coastline, which means it has an abundance of deliciously fresh seafood.  And of course, fresh is always best.

However, when bringing seafood from Chile to the UK… it has to be in a tin, which is still very good!  This weekend we used some of the many tins of seafood that we brought back, to make a lunchtime salad.

This served 5 people.  You will need:

Two medium sized iceberg lettuces cut into fine strips.


1-2 onions, diced.  Soak these in warm water for ten minutes to make them slightly milder.  DSC02959DSC02961

Two tins of machas.DSC02958DSC02966Mix the onions, machas and lettuce together.

Then to make the delicious dressing.  Squeeze two lemons and mix the juice with five, diced garlic clothes and a dash of olive oil.  Finish off with pepper.



Drizzle over the salad and mix.DSC02976DSC02975DSC02971Finish off with some avocado.DSC02978And enjoy!!

What is your favourite seafood dish?  Have you tried machas?

Marcella xx

5 thoughts on “Chilean Seafood Salad :: Ensalada de Machas

  1. Gosh Marcella! I’d totally forgotten about the exquisite machas finas we ate all along the coast in Chile – thank you so much for reminding me! By the way, what was that equally fabulous chunky cod-like white fish we ate all those years ago – my wife thinks it was some kind of eel – or at least with an eel-like name – something like congolodor?

    • Aw, thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the reminder of delicious machas, I love them on the BBQ best. I consulted my (Chilean) partner and he said you might mean congrio… does that ring a bell? I’ve never tried it!

  2. Congrio! Of course – that was it. A wonderful fish to eat and I just looked it up now, and it’s apparently known as kingclip in Australia and South Africa. Great for homesick Brits missing their Haddock and Chips!

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