City Views {From Around the World)

Whenever you visit a city and ask advice for what you should see and do there, you are usually always recommended a view point.  “Climb up to _____, to see the amazing view!”  “You should definitely go to ____ because the view is spectacular!” etc, etc.

So, today I thought I would show you some of my favourite city views.  Some of these have featured on past posts and some will be in future posts.  One of my favourite types of posts to create are those where I look through my travelling photos and find themes.  Like my posts on mountains, beaches and flowers.

So, in no particular order.  Some of my favourite city views.

Where better way to start than home; London.  There are so many view points in London; The Monument, St Paul’s Cathedral, The London Eye, The Shard, Many park views. This time last year  my brother and I went up The Shard to see the fabulous views. And they really were fabulous.  Especially on an unexpected bright, clear winter day.  You real feel as if you can see the whole of London and you spend the whole time saying “Oh look, there’s ____”DSC00074DSC00066DSC00062 Another of my favourite London views is from the top of Greenwich park. There’s somthing nice about seeing the view from a far and then climbing down the path to the bottom of the park.  This is one I always take people to see when they come to visit London, and what’s better is that it’s free!DSC_0727 Then onto my previous home:  Santiago, Chile.  Santiago is so unique and special for views because it’s a capital city with mountains.  Admitedly, you can’t always see the mountains due to the layer of pollution that plauges the city. Because the city is a basin the pollution can’t escape.  However, after a rainy day the views are just beautiful as you are awoken to the view of snow-capped mountains and a perfectly clear sky; so nobody minds if it rains too much!

One of the best places to see the views is from the top of Cerro San Cristobal; you can climb to the top and see the view get smaller and smaller – this is a good workout too and you see people running and cycling to the top.  Or, you can take the cable car.DSC04802 Another way to see the city is to trek up the mounatins that surround the city; such a lovely day to spend a Sunday!  This photo was taken from the top of Cerro Manquehue during one of my favourite days in Chile. DSC_0217Many flats in Santiago are high rises and these are views from the top floor of the flat I lived in.  It was great to see these views, especially on clear days.P1060089 Next, Rio De Janeiro in Brazil.  This was a view I dreamed about for many years and the view from Sugar Loaf Mountain is a famous one.  A chance to look over the beaches and lush green vegetation.  Is there anything better?  It was a beautiful way to see the city and such an iconic image that we all have of Rio.  A dream come true!DSCF1046 Another of my favourite South American city views was that of La Paz in Bolivia.  I took an over night bus to arrive in La Paz on a very bumpy road.  In the morning we arrived in La Paz and saw the views of the city from the very top; this photo was taken from the window of the bus.  As one of the highest places in the world, you do really feel on top of the world.DSCF3706 Lastly, this view over Jaipur, India.  It seemed to go on for miles, and miles! DSC_0058.JPG Which is your favourite city view from your travels?

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38 thoughts on “City Views {From Around the World)

  1. I love this post! I love that you included Santiago too (a city that’s so special for both of us)! We hiked up to Cerro San Cristobal too and I remember what a workout that was haha! The view from Manquehue is so beautiful! I’m glad I get to see that through you. I wanted to go on the London Eye when I was there, but I couldn’t really justify the cost. And I didn’t know where else to see London views so I never saw the city from above. Your pictures are gorgeous! I especially love the 2nd one. 🙂

    • Thanks Anna 🙂 Manquehue was amazing as it was a real mountain hike, with those views at the end. When I moved back to London I used to think clouds were mountains as I was so used to seeing them in the background everyday and it was so strange that they were no longer there! Next time you’re in London be sure to check out some of the views from spots in the different parks – there are so many to admire 🙂

  2. I loved the view of Paris from Sacre Coeur’s dome. And the view of Florence from the bell tower (or the Cathedral’s dome, it’s almost the same anyway). Or the views of each and every single one of the Cinque Terre villages from the trails. Or the view of Alesund… Yeah, I love viewpoints 😉

  3. I love this idea for a post – climbing for a view of a city is one of my favorite things to do when visiting places. Those views from the Shard are gorgeous! I’ve always wondered about the view but have been unsure if I wanted to shell out the money to see it. And those mountains in Chile – just wow!! Now you got me thinking about my favorite views – it’s hard to say, but the views from Notre Dame’s tower in Paris, the Reichstag in Berlin, and Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence immediately come to mind 🙂

    • Thanks Sara. The Shard is really pricey to go up, but I think it’s worth it for a special occasion – well choose a special occasion to justify it 😉 I took my brother for his birthday and it really is beautiful. Although I’m not sure how good it would be on an overcast day (and we have too many of those days in London!)
      The view from Notre Dame is beautiful, right?! I love how it sits on top of Paris 🙂

  4. Great post- really lovely photos! I think I audibly gasped when I saw how close those mountains are to the city of Santiago. Incredible!! The other views are great too, of course. It really took a minute to think of my favorite views…. but honestly I have to say the views from the Space Needle in Seattle. Mt. Rainier, the Puget Sound, the Olympic mountains…… it’s breathtaking.

  5. I really want to visit South America, and your post just reinforced that desire even more! 🙂 One of my favorite city views is Prague from the old castle (which I posted for Travel Tuesday today, actually!). I love the red roofs and old town feel!

  6. My favorite so far is from a place called the 64 Building in Seoul, South Korea. Seoul is massive, and I couldn’t really fathom the size until I saw it from above. City as far as the eye could see in any direction!

  7. I love discovering amazing views too, and some of these are breathtaking! I absolutely loved Portugal because we stumbled across these kinds of views a lot, particularly in Porto and Lisbon!

  8. Fantastic collection of views! I especially enjoyed the Shard ones because I haven’t been up there yet, and all the South American ones because I haven’t been there yet. I always love getting up high in a city – it’s the best way to see it!

  9. What a creative concept for a travel post, it is so true that whenever you visit anywhere people insist that you climb a mountain/high building for a view. I think the city view is important because it gives you a broad sense of the place, instead of the street view which is something of a microcosm. Great post.

  10. Love this post! I am just getting into travel blogging – currently living in Madrid – and love your idea about finding common themes in your photography! What a great way to connect different trips. Thanks for the “like” (:

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