Happy Birthday, Blog! {And my favourite ten photos}

This weekend last year, I click publish on my first ever post here on WhatAWonderfulWorld.

Since then I have grown to love blogging; the photography, the online community with fellow bloggers, the creative outlet, the inspiration from other blogs and, the writing about travel.  A year seems to have flown by.

To mark my one year blog anniversary I scrolled through the photos I took in the last twelve months and picked my favourites.  And, of course; a photo isn’t just a photo.  It’s all about all the memories behind it too!

1. Where better place to start than the beginning with a photo from The Shard.  In January my brother and I visited The Shard for his late birthday present.  We booked weeks in advance and were so lucky to have a bright day.  The views were wonderful and it was so magical to see so very far across that wonderful home city of mine.DSC00066

2. Further afield, my favourite place to photograph this year was the Lavaux Valley in Switzerland.  I feel like I have gone on and on about this place because it was simply stunning. What’s not to love about snow capped mountains, clear water, lush greenery and blue sky?  I’m hoping to go back there mid this year as I just can’t get enough!

3. In terms of beauty, those mountains were closely followed by those found in Valle del Elqui, Chile, which I’ve been blogging about on Travel Tuesday for the last few weeks.  This Tuesday there will be a post of the beautiful views so here’s a sneak peak.  So different from the mountains of Switzerland, but equally as enchanting.DSC02718

4. Then of course there was beautiful Berlin, bursting with colour and quirkiness. I chose this photograph, taken on our cycling day in Potsdam as the colours are so vibrant.  Enough to make you smile inside!DSC01128

5. Back home again, the Peak District boasted lush greens and a looming sky when we visited in August.  We escaped the rain for a few hours of walking.DSC01963

I also focused on photographing the little details, for me that often usually always includes flowers.

6. Starting with the bright pink blossom that reassured me that spring had arrived.DSC00882

And many more flowers: 7,8 and 9

DSC_0268DSC02158DSC0174610. And a spider:DSC_0279

Thanks to all those who follow along, like and comment on my blog.  Here’s to the next year!

Marcella xx

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