A Finnish Christmas Lunch

As a child I spent lots of my summer holidays in Scandinavia so when my parents found out that The Finnish Church was having a Christmas lunch on Christmas Eve they booked straight away.  It was a crisp, sunny day and we arrived at the church in Rotherhithe, South London for the buffet lunch.

DSC02831DSC02832DSC02830DSC02801DSC02799 DSC02813DSC02807The buffet was delicious salmon, ham, salads and vegetables. DSC02821 DSC02820DSC02822 DSC02803 DSC02804And finished off with patries, biscuits and coffee.DSC02805DSC02812Have you tried Christmas food from another country?

Happy New Year!  I wrote about my favourite 2014 travel memories last week and you can find them here.

Marcella xxxtraveltuesday

Travel Tuesday linked with Bonnie, Courtney, Cynthia and Yalanda.

8 thoughts on “A Finnish Christmas Lunch

  1. Looks so familiar… But why did they have “Merry Christmas” in Swedish (God Jul)? I would expect they Would display both official languages (Finnish and Swedish).

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