A Warm Christmas :: Arizona

Christmas for me is a time when it’s cold outside and so you wear a lot of layers, the days are very short and Christmas lights light up the streets.  Even though all of our Christmas cards show snowy scenes, here in the UK it never snows at Christmas (as much as everyone wishes it would!)

My first non-cold Christmas was spent in Arizona, USA in 2006.  I would have called it a ‘hot’ Christmas back then, but since then I have spent Christmas in Chile (2010) and that was a really hot Christmas!

So back in 2006 we visited family who lived in a city in the middle of the desert in Arizona and it was such a different place to celebrate Christmas.  For one, we weren’t wrapped up in coats, scarves, hats and gloves and, we were in the desert!

IMG_1244DSC_0099.JPG DSC_0102 IMG_1228IMG_1260 IMG_1267 IMG_1269

Do you celebrate Christmas in the hot or cold?

Marcella xx

2 thoughts on “A Warm Christmas :: Arizona

  1. Well…it’s cold but can be sunny here in CA! But I grew up on Maui, so most of my Christmases were spent in warmth 🙂 and no we didn’t decorate palm trees! Lol.

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