When I think of chilean food one of the first words that comes to mind is, Empanadas…

You can buy them fried from the street for very little pesos; you can eat them at the beach stuffed full of delicious seafood; you can buy them in a café and hope they are as delicious as the cheese, mushroom and olive ones that I ate last week; you can eat them as a starter in a restaurant; you can buy mini ones in fast food places; you can make your own or, best of all…someone else can make them for you while you take the photos (disclaimer: I did help a bit!)

These particular ones were cheese with a selection of seafood that we bought from the supermarket; machas, choritos and almejas.DSC02513DSC02512DSC02514DSC02510DSC02509DSC02518DSC02508DSC02507DSC02516DSC02515DSC02520DSC02522DSC02519Yum!

Have you tried empanadas?

Marcella xxx

4 thoughts on “Empanadas

  1. I love empanadas so much! My grandma used to make them for us – and she was so good at making it look super easy! Then my dad started to make them and he taught me this summer! I’m hoping to make some in the new year, because I miss it so much 🙂

    • That is so lovely that the technique has been passed down through the generations 🙂 Which is your favourite filling?! We’ve “made” them a few times here but bought puff pastry which makes thing A LOT quicker 😉 But a few years ago Carlos made them from scratch for his birthday… It was many hours in the kitchen!!

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