The Most Colourful Campus

Campus Juan Gómez Millas is one of the many campuses of Universidad de Chile in Santiago.  We took a wander around on the last day of term while students were displaying their final art pieces ready for shows.  There were splashes of colour in every direction.  It seemed like it’s own outdoor art gallery.DSC02495 DSC02496 DSC02497 DSC02498 DSC02499DSC02502DSC02500

And one final note…

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine… it’s deadly!DSC02494Where is your favourite university campus?

Marcella xx

6 thoughts on “The Most Colourful Campus

  1. My favourite uni campus is obviously St Andrews 😉 but I always wanted to do study abroad in Chile! and I never knew the campuses were so beautiful! I just love the purple tree!

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