Plane Views

Our journey to Santiago de Chile was a long one!  Which meant that there was a lot of time for ‘plane views’ and there were some beautiful ones! Our first stop was Amsterdam, where we arrived just as the sun was rising.  The sky was beautifully clear and looking down there appeared to be a blanket of the fluffiest snow.  It was actually a really thick layer of white, fluffy clouds coating the whole of the city.  And it was gorgeous!  The sun was the reddest red I have ever seen and was a perfect circle.  Almost as if a child had drawn it and coloured it in. It was so bright that I couldn’t look at it.  As the plane descended we plummeted through the thick layer of clouds to be greeted with a bit of turbulence before seeing the city below us.  Pretty stunning.DSC02474 DSC02476 Many hours later we arrived in Panama.  “This is my first time in Central America!” I thought to myself.  All be it only three hours in the airport, but still something to be excited about.  Upon arriving there were views of lush green everywhere and already the feeling that it was very humid!  It was overcast and the pilot announced that was 29 degrees outside so yeah, humid!  We saw beautifully clear water and sparkling beaches.  I watched as ships and speed boats moved through the crystal clear water.  DSC02478 DSC02477DSC02480 Last stop, and of course the most exciting!  We were finally arriving in Santiago. When booking our flight I had been disappointed that we were due to arrive at 3am as this meant missing the beautiful views of The Andes.  But I wasn’t disappointed as arriving during the night was special because I began to see places I remembered from living in Chile 2010-2011.  We had a buzz of excitement as we were returning for the first time in over three years.  I spotted the hills in the city that I had been up so many times.DSC02481 DSC02484 DSC02483 Which views have you seen from planes? We’ve been in Chile 12 days now and with two more weeks to go there are many more exciting Chile posts to come. Marcella xx

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14 thoughts on “Plane Views

  1. I love taking pictures from planes! I almost always opt for a window seat. There is just something about looking down at the world from above that I absolutely adore! My favorite scenes so far have been flying into NYC at night, going over the Swiss Alps to go to Geneva and flying over Morocco!

  2. Such pretty views!! I think the best views I’ve seen from a plane were when I was flying from Madrid to Budapest. We passed over Barcelona, the French riviera, Genoa and Venice. It was insanely beautiful! Thank goodness I always book window seats 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh I’m so jealous! I almost cried when you described arriving in Santiago! I so wish I was there as well 🙂 I just love plane views, just always gorgeous, even when full of clouds!

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