London’s Christmas Lights {Oxford Street}

There are few things that give you the Christmas feeling more than Christmas lights on Oxford Street in London.  As I am off to Chile until a week before Christmas, where the sun will be blazing and thoughts of Christmas will escape me, I took a walk down Oxford Street to take in all the glittering lights and extravagant window displays.  I didn’t leave feeling any more Christmassy than before as you know, it’s only mid November!  But it was beautiful all the same.DSC02460 DSC02461DSC02457DSC02467DSC02468 Here in the UK everyone is obsessed with Monty the Penguin, a Christmas advert from department store John Lewis.  (Click the link to be filled with Christmas cheer!)  So, John Lewis have themed their whole window display around penguins.  So very cute!DSC02464DSC02463DSC02466DSC02465 Have you seen your first Christmas lights?  Have you ever been to the Oxford Street lights?

Have a great week!  My next post will be published from Chile, after I get over the 24 hour journey to get there!  Stay tuned for lots of sun, mountain views and Chilean food 🙂  I’m excited!!

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13 thoughts on “London’s Christmas Lights {Oxford Street}

  1. Thank you for bringing a little but of English holiday magic to me! Prague is mostly all ready for the holidays too, judging from the amount of light displays that have been popping up recently. Very interesting to see “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Christmas”, which I thought was the traditional English way to say it? Perhaps everything is all mixed together and shared these days! Those penguins are so adorable.
    Happy travels to Chile!

    • You’re most welcome 😉 You’re right… I generally say ‘Happy Christmas’ but I’m not sure which one is the traditional way but we definitely have so much influence from the US so maybe that’s why.
      Thanks. I’m excited 🙂

  2. While I am not a fan of the sun setting so early in the winter, I do love that the lights make it a bit more bright and cheerful. I haven’t seen too many yet in Berlin, but they’re on their way (and the main shopping areas tend to have better displays)…

  3. Wow this is very intense Christmas decorations! I refuse to acknowledge it until at least December haha But it’s nice – the lights have just been put up in Edinburgh and they are beautiful! 🙂 Hope you have an amazing time in Chile, I’m so jealous! Oh and I love the new blog design!

    • I agree, Christmas starts waaaay to early which is why I walked away not feeling very christmassy. Thank you, I’ll be sharing lots soon. And, thanks! I’m still not sure 100% about the design but I fancied a change 🙂 I’m glad you like it!

  4. Even though London is way to commercial regarding Christmas, the light are just breathtaking! One reason I love this place.
    Only the fake German Christmas market thing is always a bit dissappointing…

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