The Most Colourful Walls

The city of Valparaiso in Chile is famous for it’s colourful, street art lined walls.  It is often referred to as ‘Valpo’.  The city is a port two hours north of Santiago and is brimming with life.  I went to the wonderful city four times while living in Santiago, and I can’t wait to go again!

A while ago Camila of The Things I am Crazy For shared some of her street art photos from Valpo, and today I wanted to share some of my own with you.  These were all taken during my first trip to Valparaiso; in May 2010.  And, later this week I’ll be sharing some more photos from my other trips there too.

The lovely thing is that when you return to the city you are greeted with some of the same street art but of course new art too!  And you are likely to see some street artists in action while you visit.DSCF3258DSCF3256DSCF3253 DSCF3259 DSCF3260 DSCF3261 DSCF3263 DSCF3264 DSCF3265 DSCF3266 DSCF3267 DSCF3268 DSCF3270 DSCF3281 DSCF3282 DSCF3288 DSCF3291

Tempted to visit?  See what else Valpo has to offer!  And, check out previous street art posts in Berlin, The Berlin Wall, Marseille, Montreal, and San Francisco.

Where have you seen wonderful street art?

Happy Travel Tuesday!

Marcella xx


16 thoughts on “The Most Colourful Walls

  1. Some of these are just so amazing! My dad lived in “Valpo” for a couple of years and I still regret that I didn’t get to visit him there. It seems like such a great town to visit or live in.

  2. The street art in Valparaiso looks incredible! It’s so unique and colorful. I love scouting out cool street art in the cities I visit – and this would definitely top my list! I wish Madrid had interesting street art, but all we have is sloppy graffiti. Lame.

  3. Wow! That really is beautiful! I really had no idea that Chile had such a strong culture of street art. Absolutely loved it! Thanks for directing me here 🙂

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