Why to Love Chile!

In three weeks time I’ll be on my way to Chile for four whole weeks.  I’ll be swapping wintery weather for summer.  I’ll be visiting places i’ve been before and some new ones too.  I’m so excited!  Before I go I’ll be sharing some ‘Chile memories’ posts on the blog of some of my favourite places i’ve been to.  But, before that, here is a roundup of all of the Chilean related posts, and guest posts, so far.

Let’s start with Clem’s post on a Chilean Tour in 20 photos.  She chose different words to describe different aspects of the country.Quelque part entre le Chili et l'Argentine

Places to go and things to see ::  The North

Let’s carry on with places to go.  Chilean is SUCH a long country so the south to the north vary enormously.  From the driest desert in the north to the ice of the south.

I wrote on Camila’s blog The Things I Am Crazy For about my time in San Pedro de Atacama.  The landscape was mind blowing and so different from anything i’d ever seen before!  From San Pedro you can travel to Uyuni in Boliva; a beautiful journey through the desert.DSCF3576

While we stay in the north of Chile, Pepe wrote a blog post about Arica; a city in the middle of the desert.  We learnt all about what the city has to offer and the influences that Bolivia and Peru have on everyday life there.la_puntilla_sunset

Places to go and things to see ::  The Middle

Time to move further south to the arty port city of Valparaiso.  I showed you the city through illustrated cards and matched these to photos I’d taken.
One of the most unique aspects of Valparaiso is the street art that lines almost every street.  Camila wrote about the street art she’d seen in the city and also in a city further south; Valdivia.DSC00406unnamed

Close to Valparaiso is Los Andes.  Clem visited during the winter and shared her beautiful photos with us.  IMG_2233

Now to the capital city of Santiago.  Clem shared some Sunday snaps with us and some of the beautiful autumn colours that the city has to offer.IMG_2134IMG_1792

Chilean food

Isn’t food a huge part of learning about a country?  Well, there’s been a lot of Chilean food posts here on WhatAWonderfulWorld.  Clem wrote about the empanadas she’s made for her family in France.   I blogged about the winning combination of avocado and bread.  I’m so very excited to be eating fresh avocado so soon!  Another dish that includes both avocado and bread is that of completos; Chile’s unique take on hotdogs.  Then of course, the asado;the BBQ.  A time for family and friends to get together.  Lastly, I shared with you; the pancake cake.  One of my favourites!

And, what better way to celebrate Chilean independence day than by eating all this food on one day!!


Lots more Chile posts to come soon 🙂  Do you have any stories or photos to share?  If you’d like to write a Chile related post i’d love to hear from you!  clemandmarcella@gmail.com

Marcella xx

Happy Travel Tuesday!  Hosted by Bonnie, Camila, Jessi and Amy.


23 thoughts on “Why to Love Chile!

  1. Hey girls! I just moved to Chile one month ago and it was so nice to read your post about it, i got many ideas of places I should visit. I’m in Santiago right now and will be writing about Chile as well during the next months. 🙂 🙂

  2. Oh I really can’t wait to see more of Chile seriously! I always love having a look at what others thought of the country – and also the gorgeous photos people take. I mean it’s such a gorgeous country!

  3. I am in Buenos Aires right now for a year abroad, I really do hope I have time to visit Chile, too….
    I love your list of things to do and to see 🙂

    • South America is just wonderful. Mmmm, me too! I almost want to tell my family-in-law, who are meeting us at the airport, to bring avocado on bread with them… but I think that might be a bit extreme?!

  4. I’ve never been to that part of the world! Though your post reminded me of when I lived in TX and my neighbors had just newly come from Chile–they were some of the nicest people I’ve known in my lifetime!

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  6. Wow I can see why you love Chile so much. I was always bummed I couldn’t make it down there when I studied in Peru…but I met some Chileans and their Spanish seemed SO different from what I was learning in Peru I’m not sure I would have made it as well as I thought I could haha. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos!

    • Thank you 🙂 I hope you manage to make it there someday! Chilean Spanish is known for being crazily fast; lots of natives struggle to understand it too, but it’s where I learnt Spanish so I got used to the accent (kind of!) Where did you study in Peru?

  7. Love this post as I lived in Chile for a few months years ago and it is one of my favorite countries. Beautiful place and you have great photos. Hope to take my children there some day and write about it on my new family travel blog :).

  8. You have gorgeous photos from Chile! I love all of them. In 2004, I visited two weeks with my granddaughter in Santiago de Chile visiting my daughter who worked there three months. We had great time together. Did You listen to Chilean Cumbia music there? Although Cumbia is popular in Colombia, its origins are there, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Guatemala; I love most of all Chilean Cumbia music!

  9. I have lived in Chile my entire life here and it’s not that beautiful. Anyway, I have to do a public speaking speech and the topic is “Why do I love Chile?” so give me ideas, i’ll be forever thankful 😀

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