The Perfect Autumn Spot

Isn’t the perfect transition between summer and autumn when: the green leaves are still clinging to the trees; the ground is covered in crunchy, brown leaves and the sun is shining?!  Well, I found the perfect spot to see exactly that: St Paul’s Square in Birmingham, UK.

When approaching the square it is the image of autumn and leaves have coated the grass.DSC02418DSC02415DSC02420DSC02409DSC02419DSC02401DSC02402DSC02403DSC02414DSC02417DSC02397But there are still so many gorgeous, green leaves on the trees that tower over the square.DSC02400DSC02405 DSC02406 DSC02407DSC02412Picture perfect!

You can also see my posts about autumn in Prague and Warwick.

Marcella xx


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