Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Sometimes numbers are difficult to get your head around.  A glacier that is 19 miles long is something that is very difficult to imagine.  It’s also difficult to imagine how beautiful it is too, and also how different it is from many other landscapes.  So, here are some sneak peeks of the beautiful Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, Southern Argentina.

When you first arrive at the glacier you wonder round and look in awe at how simply stunning it is.  From all angles.  From some angles it appears to be a deep turquoise colour and from others it seems whiter.  It has a jagged appearance and you’re also able to see parts of the glacier falling off.  One word which sums it all up is vast.  It’s just huge and unimaginably so.

DSCF3018DSCF3015 DSCF3016 DSCF3017DSCF3023 DSCF3025 DSCF3029 DSCF3038 DSCF3041 DSCF3044 DSCF3057 DSCF3061 DSCF3092 DSCF3100 DSCF3108 DSCF3127

For a closer view you can take a boat which brings you right up to the edge of the glacier.  Here you are given a different perspective and once again you take in the vastness of the glacier.DSCF2975DSCF2981DSCF3007DSCF2991DSCF2984Having revisited these photographs makes me feel so incredibly lucky to have been able to visit somewhere with so much beauty.

The beauty can be reached from the small town of El Calafate.

Marcella xx

Travel Tuesday: hosted by Bonnie, Camila, Amy and Jessi.


21 thoughts on “Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

  1. I was thinking of my El Perito Merino photos right before seeing your blog post. What a beautiful glacier; I feel so lucky to have seen it. I love your photos…

  2. My goodness… I’ve never seen a glacier like that before or anything close. This would be so stunning to see up close, and I love the foliage colors as well. Looks like you’ve had quite the experience!

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