Seven Hours in South Korea

Today’s Travel Tuesday theme is layovers.  As soon as I read the theme for this week I knew exactly what I’d be sharing with you; my seven hours in South Korea.DSC_0197

If you ever have a long layover, Seoul Airport is the place to be.  Firstly, they have free showers. You are given a towel, shampoo, body wash etc and have your very own little shower room and a room to get ready in.  After a long flight  there is nothing better!  They also have free massage chairs and TV areas with seats that recline to almost flat.  There are lots of areas to rest in which beats trying to get comfy on the hard chairs that airports usually have.  If you are feeling a bit more active during your layover then they have a huuuuge selection of shops and a cultural centre that has workshops and performances etc.

But, better than enjoying the airport is leaving it!  The reason I chose my flight via Seoul is that one of my best friends, Zibi, has lived there since 2011 so when I was flying from Cambodia to London last summer it seemed the perfect opportunity to stop off.  Now, seven hours definitely doesn’t sound like a long time but it sounds longer that it actually is once you factor in travelling to the city and back again and allowing time to check in.  So in reality I had two and a half hours in Seoul!  But two and a half hours in Seoul is better than zero hours in Seoul.

When arriving to Seoul I tried to get off the plane as quickly as possible, I knew I didn’t have much time!  I got my passport stamped and walked into the very futuristic train station.  There I purchased my ticket to Seoul from a ticket machine and was surprised when the ticket came out. It was like an Oyster card but for just a return journey.  I then found the right platform and looked around and thought how everything gleamed!  It was really quiet and I was almost the only one waiting for the train as it was very early.  The train itself looked almost like an aeroplane and felt very ‘swish’ indeed.  DSC_0193 DSC_0198DSC_0196DSC_0199 DSC_0200 DSC_0201

It was time to admire the views.

DSC_0202 DSC_0203 DSC_0205I arrived in Seoul and we set off in search of breakfast; I had arrived early as I’d flown overnight from Cambodia.  I wanted to at least try some South Korean food in my very short time there so we did.  I stared at Zibi as she spoke away in Korean to order (impressive, eh?)  and enjoyed the food that was put in front of me.  We had Korean porridge, it was delicious!DSC_0211 DSC_0210 DSC_0207

We then had a wander around a market and the surrounding streets where Zibi pointed out all of the weird and wonderful food that was being served.  Before long it was time to head back on the futuristic train to grab that quick shower and head back to London.DSC_0212 DSC_0213 DSC_0214 DSC_0219

Seoul Airport also offer free tours from the airport and have a selection of choices so you can go for a very short trip for 3hours up until a 9 hour trip around the city, all for free.  How amazing!!

I’m looking forward to reading about your layover stories!  Happy Travel Tuesday 🙂

Marcella xx

Travel Tuesday linkup with Bonnie, Camila, Amy and Jessi.


26 thoughts on “Seven Hours in South Korea

  1. I had a great stopover in Singapore once – you could spend a day in the airport only it’s so big but we managed to squeeze in a bowl of Singapore noodles and a Singapore Sling cocktail at the Raffles hotel (where the drink was invented). Broke the bank though…

  2. I’m traveling to New Zealand from Taiwan next January and will have a 23 hour layover in Seoul on my way back [out of the way, I know, but the flight was too cheap to pass up!] we will likely get a hotel since we will be there overnight, but I’m so glad to know the train to the city is easy and if needed the airport has showers 🙂

  3. Wow, I’ve never had a layover even near this awesome. Even on a long layover, I’ve never left the airport before… I think I thought it was more trouble than it was worth, but as you said “two hours in Seoul is better than no hours in Seoul”. Couldn’t agree more. That airport sounds amazing… I’ve been there many many years ago but I didn’t get to spend much time in it. More places need to get on this shower concept!

  4. Sounds really cool! I love longer layovers when you can get out and see something… looks like you were able to make the most of yours. Also, love how posh that airport sounds.

  5. Sounds like a fun way to spend a few hours! I happen to love porridge, I love all the side dishes that are served with it! I think I’ve actually been to the fortress you have pictured here too…does Dongdaemun ring any bells? Who knows, I could be way off too!

    • The porridge was great; I love to see what people eat for breakfast as I think it varies so much from country to country.
      About the fortress… I have no idea. It was really close to the main train station, is that where Dongdaemun is?

  6. looks like you had a great time with your layover!! this one was in seoul? we had a long layover at the incheon airport and they had bus tours.. and one went to a market where you got to eat different street food and they actually gave you free vouchers to eat! we loved it!

  7. Oh my I love this! That’s exactly the kind of stories I wanted to hear when we decided on this TT theme! How amazing for you to have planned a layover there because you have a friend – I mean what an amazing opportunity to catch up with a friend! And the Seoul airport sounds amazing!! I want a massage chair and a shower at every airport! And all that Korean food looks just delicious!

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