Jet d’Eau, Geneva

When arriving in Geneva I had no idea what it had to offer.  But I did know one thing.  I did know there was a huge water fountain on the edge of Lake Geneva and I knew it would be pretty big. It sprayed against the perfect backdrop of a clear, blue sky and cooled down everyone who walked by.DSC02068 DSC02069 DSC02070 DSC02071 You can also admire the pretty views around while wondering what it would be like to travel across the lake in the many boats nearby.DSC02088 DSC02087 DSC02065 Have you seen the Jet d’Eau? Marcella xx

Travel Tuesday post with Bonnie, Camila, Jessi and Amy.


19 thoughts on “Jet d’Eau, Geneva

  1. I never knew about this but it’s so cool! I feel I missed so much of beautiful Geneva by going during the winter – it looks gorgeous in the summertime with all the green trees! 🙂

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