A Pancake Cake

A pancake cake?!  What is a pancake cake?

*This* is a pancake cake!

This is a photo of one I was cooked in Chile way back in 2011.  I can’t claim to have made this 😉P1060045

A delicious savoury dish made from layers of pancakes with different foods in between each layer.  I was first introduced to the idea of a pancake cake in Chile.  I don’t think it is a typical Chilean dish but it’s something that was made for me and I love it.  DSC02283

Last weekend we made a pancake cake again and here is what we did.

First, you need to make pancakes by following a simple pancake recipe.  For your pancake cake you will need around 6 pancakes but you can always make more if you want to include more layers or, like we did, you can make more and have them for desert with something sweet! {Hello Nutella!}DSC02237 DSC02249 DSC02252DSC02258DSC02256

Once your pancakes are ready it’s time to make the fillings.  We went for:

  • Mushrooms
  • Sweetcorn
  • Spinach and ricotta
  • Green beans and ricotta

You can choose whatever you like for your fillings!  Tuna works really well too.  Cook all of your fillings and put them in separate bowls.DSC02243 DSC02244

Now for the fun part.  Building up your pancake cake!  Which is as simple as it sounds; a pancake and a layer of filling, a pancake and a layer of filling, a pancake and a layer of filling and so on.DSC02266 DSC02271 DSC02275 DSC02276 DSC02279

For the top layer put some cheese on top.  You can also add olives, peppers or whatever takes your fancy.DSC02281

Lastly, put it in the oven for around 10-15 mins.  This is just to heat everything up so it’s nice and warm and to melt the cheese too.DSC02282

And, enjoy!DSC02283

Let me know if you try making a pancake cake!

Marcella xx

8 thoughts on “A Pancake Cake

  1. haha I had never heard about the pancake cake and I asked my dad if my Chilean grandma ever made it and he said no! I’m so surprised! He said she used to make sweet pancake cakes though – but never savoury! I mean anything with pancake I’m usually all in 🙂

    • Pancakes are so versatile yet so simple! I don’t think this recipe is up there at the top with the most known Chilean recipes; empanadas, sopaipillas, pastel de choclo etc. It must be a more secretive one 😉

  2. aprendi esta receta cuando era adolescente, en unas vacaciones inolvidables…la abuelita de una gran amiga me la enseño. Querida cuñada, la torta de panqueques te quedo maravillosa!

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