These Boots Are Made For Walking…

Do you have an item of clothing that reminds you of your travels?  That faithful backpack, a sarong, a jacket, a purse?

Last weekend I replaced my walking boots.  After six years and many trips they were starting to look, and feel, a bit worse for wear.  While I was trying on a deliciously comfortable new pair I started to think about the trips and adventures my boots had been on.  These are some of my favourites…

My boots first arrived into my life in 2008 in time for my trip to Nepal and India.  I was going to be volunteering in the Chitwan district of Nepal and part of the volunteering was building so I needed some hefty boots to get started.  The boots were on my feet for the plane journey; I needed to save room in my backpack.  They then got muddier and muddier (or cememt-ier and cement-ier?) as we spend lots of days covered in mud, monsoon rain, dust and cement.  By about day two they didn’t even resemble their true colour anymore.  And they never did again.DSCF3721 DSCF3857

Two years later, in 2010, they accompanied me for a five month trip in South America.  I don’t think they knew how much work had to be done there.  But they were in for the most adventurous year of their lives!

They climbed and trekked in Patagonia, where they were rewarded with jaw dropping views of mountains and glaciers, so they couldn’t complain too much!El Calafate and El Chalten 135

In Peru, the boots climbed to Machu Picchu over three days and supported some very tired feet, right until the end.DSCF4078

When I lived in Chile between 2010-2011 they came too.  They went on lots of trips to the mountains surrounding Santiago.  Including on some very hot days where I found it way too hot!IMG_7742

This year they have been on two more local trips; the first was to the Gloucestershire countrysideDSC01438

And, their last trip was to The Peak District of England.  This is when I realised that it was time for a new pair as they didn’t keep my feet dry for very long!DSC01962

Thanks boots,  I can’t wait to see where the next pair take me…

Marcella xx

So, tell me!  Are there any travel items that you are attached to?

This is a Travel Tuesday post.  Hosted by Bonnie, Camila, Jessi and Amy.


22 thoughts on “These Boots Are Made For Walking…

  1. Must be a bit sad to have to replace an item that’s been with you so much! Hope the replacements are working out just as well!

  2. Awesome, I wrote about something similar to this a few months ago. For me it is an overnight bag that I use for my hand luggage. It is beautiful and useful and I love it!! Your photos are stunning. I can see why your boots represent travel – all those miles walked!

  3. Awesome post! I had some awesome boots that did much of the same walking you did- Atacama, Arica, Cuzco, Puerto Montt, Chiloe… You can’t beat a good pair of boots! I didn’t walk the Inca trail, but I did climb Huyana Picchu and absolutely loved your photos- it brought all those memories straight back! Thanks for sharing

    • Wow, sounds like you did some great walking trips too. I really want to go to Chiloe as I’ve heard it’s really beautiful 🙂 The view from Huyana Picchu was great, wasn’t it? I just remember being so tired by that point!

  4. So cool! I just love reading this post through the perspective of the boots haha They have indeed lived through a lot! For me it’s my black converse: they survived my exchange in Berlin and some stops in other countries, two trips to Chile and many a winters in Canada! They were full of holes, but I couldn’t bring myself I never threw them out because they reminded me so much of those memories!

  5. Wow, your boots have had some great adventures! I’d love to say that nothing is essential for my travels, but in reality I get itchy fingers if I don’t have some form of camera to attempt to document whatever amazing sights I see on my adventures with 🙂

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