The Botanical Gardens of Geneva, Switzerland

If you’ve been following the blog for a while then you’ll know that I love flowers.  The bright colours, the shapes, the textures.  I’ve shared some of my photos of flowers from around the world here and it was one of my favourite posts to put together.  So when in Geneva it was essential to go to visit conservatoire et jardin botaniques de la ville de genève.  I wasn’t disappointed!

Let me take you with me….

These are just amazing.  They are huge!  And, I loved the reflections of the glass roof too and the seemingly black water.


Bright colours in every direction.

DSC02153DSC02144 DSC02145DSC02166DSC02167 DSC02152DSC02147

Isn’t there just something so simply beautiful about sunflowers?  Especially ones these big!


I spotted a few bees buzzing around these yellow flowers and managed to capture one with my lens

DSC02157 DSC02158 DSC02159

And the park is home to some lovely deer too..


Happy flower hunting!

Marcella xx

More of my flower photography here, here, here, here, here

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