Lights for Lives in Gaza

Marcella and I agreed to write a special post to support civil populations in Gaza. In time of the ceasefire, civilians are severely hurt, or missing and many are mourning their loss: nearly 2000 deaths in Gaza in a month. We would like to dedicate today’s post to hope! When there is hope there is life! Our candles symbolize lives in the dark, we light them in Chile and England and hope that they will spread their warmth, power, smell, beauty, colours, diversity and solidarity throughout our readers…


IMG_3003[1] IMG_3004[1] IMG_3314[1] IMG_3319[1] DSC01860 DSC01862 DSC01863 DSC01864 DSC01865 DSC01867 DSC01869

Hope and Love,

Clem and Marcella xxx

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