Feeling Lucky in The Peak District

Will all of my summer adventures start with a rainy morning?  Just like the day trip to Brighton, this one started in the same way!  But with a lot more rain.

You know how they say that you never end up doing the things that are on your doorstep?  Well, that happened.  I lived just over an hour ago from the Peak District for five years… and I went once!  I did the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge and then never went again.

So now that I’ve moved back to London it was time to visit the Peak District, now that’s it’s not on my doorstep 😉  The Peak District is a National Park in Central/Northern England.  Anyway, we had booked our train tickets, made our picnic and got an early night.  When our alarm woke us up on Sunday morning all I could hear was pouring rain.  When I drew back the curtains it was confirmed; it was pouring.  Now, I had been very optimistic when I travelled from London two days prior to Sunday.  Due to weeks on end of sun, I had packed walking shorts and a t-shirt.  So, I managed to borrow a much needed rain coat and a hoodie and we set off.

First stop was Sheffield, where the station was leaking and there was a minor flood in the coffee shop. We talked about just staying in Sheffield for the day… but we’d planned this and so we would go!  We then got the twenty minute train to Hathersage.  The windows of the train were totally steamed up so we couldn’t see a thing.  Upon a arrival we sought for cover in a tea shop.  DSC01946DSC01942

After an hour the rain seemed to have calmed a little; it was still raining but it wasn’t torrential anymore.  So, we began the walk.  Hoods up, coats zipped up to our chins.  After about fifteen minutes of walking the rain got less and less.  As we walked on and on, it stopped.  With the odd scattered shower, in which we donned our coats again.

And.  It.  Was.  Stunning.  Look….DSC01958DSC01965DSC01963DSC01962DSC01959DSC01960DSC01967DSC01973

Rolling hills, all shades of green, purple fields in the distance, cliff edges.

We walked a bit faster than we usually would have, as we were worried that there would be a downfall at any second.  We even had a chance to eat our picnic before heading back into the village of Hathersage. We popped into a different cafe before catching the train back and within about three minutes of ordering, there was a colossal downpour.  We had been so lucky!

Have you been to The Peak District?

Marcella xx

It’s Travel Tuesday, hosted by Bonnie, Amy, Jessie and Camila.


30 thoughts on “Feeling Lucky in The Peak District

  1. I know what you mean, you never feel the need to explore what’s right in your own neighbourhood. When you live in a place you are busy with the everyday life and have ‘your own territory’. But as a tourist you have a limited a amount of time in a place and feel you have to make a bit more of an effort…

  2. Is there anything more romantic than morning rain? Well, I have never been to this place and I regret that 🙂 It seems like flawlessly painted with perfection and beauty; blissfully peaceful and calm. But this is where I would love to spend my late days.. no matter alone or with a company! This is so perfect for soul cleansing. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’ve heard of The Peak District…didn’t they film parts of the latest Pride and Prejudice there..I just checked..yes they did..it was beautiful scenery….it looks gorgeous, just gorgeous

  4. I’m just stopping by from the Travel Tuesday link-up. I visited the Peak District for a walking holiday last year and it’s good to reminisce about what a beautiful place it is and how much I enjoyed my time there. So thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh England and the rain! it’s inevitable! I’ve never been to the Peak District, however I did stay in the region for a few weeks with my boyfriend. I didn’t get to see the beauty you saw, though, I mean those mountains, just wow!

  6. I recently moved back to Nottingham after a few years away – i never used to visit the peaks but this time I’m determined to explore the areas on my doorstep. My bf and I drive out for day trips and camping all the time now, we have seen so many different areas and done so many walks but there is still so much to see – it’s become one of my favourite parts of the country – crazy to think that for so long we didn’t really know it was there!

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