Asado Chileno~A Chilean BBQ

This weekend is a UK bank holiday.  We had three birthday’s to celebrate so we arrived in London on Friday night, where I snapped these images of a very peaceful duck who had make some photogenic ripples in the water.DSC01471DSC01469 DSC01470DSC01472Saturday was the big day; BBQ day.  The weather went through all four seasons in the space of the afternoon; sunny spells with blue sky, a quick rain shower, rumbling thunder and some wind.  We were just missing snow to complete!  These clouds were looking menacing.DSC01475

Luckily the food was cooked before the rain began and we quickly held an umbrella over the BBQ and dashed the rest of the food inside.

BBQs in Chile are a big deal so we set at creating one in London.  There was lots of meat involved but being a veggie I opted to grill some portobello mushrooms with garlic and olive oil and make some veggie kebab sticks.  We also grilled some asparagus and new potatoes.DSC01480DSC01487DSC01490DSC01494DSC01495

For drinks:  No BBQ in England is complete without Pimm’s served with fruit, mint and ice.  As we were having a fusion BBQ there was of course Pisco too!DSC01526 DSC01496 DSC01497

And to finish off; a huge chocolate and ducle de leche cake and some delicious dark chocolate from Switzerland.DSC01501 DSC01516 DSC01474 DSC01473Meanwhile, I’m sure Clem is enjoying some BBQs in Chile too!

Happy Weekend!

Marcella xx

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