Marcella’s #100HappyDays 20/100

Have you heard of #100happydays?  It’s a website that promotes the idea of taking a photo a day for 100 happy days.  The idea being to appreciate the moment and those little moments in life.  

I thought i’d give it a go!  I’m a fifth of the way through now and here are my little moments from the past 20 days.

>> Day one:  Clicking ‘buy’ for my summer holiday.  One of the best feelings of planning a holiday is the moment you click ‘buy’ and then hear the confirmation email ping into your inbox.IMG_20140426_183447375

>> Day two:  Cooking (and eating) noodle and vegetable soup for lunch with lots of soy sauce!  Delicious.DSC00784

>> Day three:  An after work run.DSC01297

>> Day four:  Putting my feet up at the end of the day, that’s what tired feet need!DSC01299

>>  Day five:  Buying and wrapping birthday presents ready for the end of May.DSC01301

>>  Day six:  Arriving home to a beautifully written and illustrated story.  Sent from a friend in Australia.  Thanks Sam!DSC01311

>> Day seven:  A Friday night treat with friends.  These delicious desserts were shared between five.  IMG_20140502_193858700

>>Day eight:  A sunny Saturday and some pretty tulips to complete the spring feeling.

>> Day nine:  Arriving in London for a bank holiday weekend.  The best!IMG_20140504_170014

>> Day ten:  Picnicing in Regents Park and watching the people go by.IMG_20140505_133426069

>> Day eleven:  Receiving exciting news!DSC01345

>>Day twelve: A post-work canal run.IMG-20140507-WA0008

>>Day thirteen:  Making plans; very exciting ones!DSC01348

>>Day fourteen:  Evening nibbles when my parents came to stay for the weekend.DSC01353

>>Day fifteen: Creating with my mum and introducing her to ‘tape transfers.’  As I tried before here.DSC01361

>>Day sixteen: Organising!DSC01402

>>Day seventeen:  A Monday evening canal wander and a quick canoe trip on a lovely spring evening.  Nice for a Monday!DSC01404

>>Day eighteen:  Watching the sunset over dinner.  It was ‘once’; the Chilean word for teatime.  A light(ish) dinner of bread with scrambled egg.DSC01411

>>Day nineteen:  A delicious curry, cooked by my in-house-chef!DSC01413

>>Day twenty:  Catching up.DSC01414

Are any of you trying this too?  Link your photos in the comments below, i’d love to check them out!

Check back soon for my next 20 days!

Marcella xx

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