Help the Bride!

And we are both BACK! I have just moved to Chile where I am to start working in a new job! Fun Times! I have a few projects I am looking forward to share with you!

One of my best friend Sabrina is getting married this coming month! She is a DIY person and has amazing ideas and gifts! She invited me the other day to make “club flags” for the decoration of the big tent that will host the ceremony. She chose pastell colours for her romantic countryside wedding theme!

She bought different designs from Elsie and got them printed. Then we cut the paper into equal triangles using other club flags as a model. We folded the top of the triangles and used a sewing machine to close the folded part,  leaving space for the white thin metallic thread that will hold the club flags. We used 2 meters of thread through which we inserted all our flags.






I am very happy I could participate in her DIY wedding preparation as I won’t be able to attend the ceremony… I hope she will send us a picture of the club flags set up under the tent on D-Day! I wish her to keep adding colours and DIY efforts to her love story!



One thought on “Help the Bride!

  1. C’était merveilleux de partager ce moment avec toi. Je pense à toi dans chacun de mes préparatifs. Je n’ai pas d’appareil photo pour le moment depuis qu’antho s’est fait volé son téléphone, mais dès que j’en ai un je partage ça avec toi! ❤ ❤ ❤

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