Farewell Food

To celebrate my new job and my next adventure in Chile, my family made a big paella! It was DELISH! We had such a good day! Here are some snaps from the food that we prepared and savoured!

My aunt made gluten free dishes such as a carrot salad and a chickpea salad! very tasty!

I enjoyed the art panel that my mum made for me! It says “bon voyage and happy paella day ” 🙂 Sweet memories!

IMG_4073 IMG_4109 IMG_4110IMG_4134IMG_4117IMG_4106IMG_4120IMG_4125IMG_4127IMG_4128IMG_4136IMG_4139IMG_4140IMG_4141IMG_4152IMG_4162IMG_4164

Thanks for this tasty day!! More snaps from my fun last days in France to come…

Clem xxx

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