Being a tourist in Berlin

  • Getting on the bright, yellow metro
  • Smiling from ear-to-ear; you just can’t beat the holiday feeling
  • Strolling around the city
  • Soaking up the sun
  • Admiring the unique pedestrian lights
  • Asking what every building was
  • Taking a quick siesta on the grass in front of the Reichstag
  • Not understanding a word of German
  • Feeling glad that i’d put suncream on that morning
  • Making plans for the following days
  • Stopping for photos
  • Learning some history
  • Wanting to stop at every cafe and restaurant, there is so much variety!

DSC00930 DSC00936 DSC00938 DSC00956 DSC00961 DSC00963 DSC00993 DSC00996 DSC01003 DSC01007 DSC01021 DSC01187 DSC01189 DSC01277 DSC01292


See the other posts from my Berlin trip here, here and here.  Last Berlin post tomorrow!


Marcella xx



4 thoughts on “Being a tourist in Berlin

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