My Travel Journals


Do you write in a journal when you travel too?

I started when I traveled to Nepal 6 years ago! At the time, I felt the need to write everyday about my life in Nepal. I reported every details of my days, just as if I was telling it to a friend. I wrote in French and then in English, when it started to be the language I used the most to express my feelings there.

Then it became a tradition to buy a new journal for every new adventure!

Here are my journals, they are full of travel memories and when I read them it always triggers FULL emotion!


1. Nepal




2. Nepal and India




3. Kenya



4. Chigago



5. Chile



6. Colombia (it was specially handmade for me)



7. Here is my new one, offered by Marcella, for my next excting adventure in Chile (D-10)! I have started it with a mandala!

IMG_4039 photo (6)IMG_4044


How many travel journals have you got?

Clem xxx

6 thoughts on “My Travel Journals

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  2. Umm, I hope I don’t sound stupid, but what kinda materials did you use for the journal? Was it self-made or bought readymade? And any tips for a newbie (=me) on writing a journal?

    • All of them were given to me as presents for my travels, which makes them even more special! But you could easily ‘make’ your own by buying a plain notebook and decorating it with coloured paper or pictures from magazines.

      I wouldn’t call myself a journal expert but I usually write about what I see, anything out of the ordinary that happened, what I ate, people I met, how I felt etc. Some days it may be just a few sentences and other days it may be pages and pages. I’d say don’t force yourself to write just do it when you feel it is the right time to do so 🙂 I hope that helps.

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