5 O’Clock Tea

When I travelled in Asia and I told people where I was from, their response was usually ‘David Beckham!’

When I travelled in South America and I told people where I was from, their response was usually ‘5 O’clock tea!’

Now, I knew that English people were known for their love of tea and for afternoon tea – tea with scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream or little nibbles like bite-size sandwiches or small cupcakes but I was never aware that it was known as being at 5 O’Clock!   However, the more people I met the more people who responded with the same response; ‘5 O’clock tea!’

Im not a English Breakfast tea or an Earl Grey tea drinker but I do like herbal teas so today we had afternoon tea, although it was at 2 O’Clock 😉  Served with homemade Nutella cake…


Which traditions do you follow?

Have you had 5 O’Clock tea?

Marcella xx

4 thoughts on “5 O’Clock Tea

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