Travel is more than seeing the sights…

… it’s about those you meet along the way.

Linda, the daughter of the owners of a hotel I stayed in in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  Linda sat with me for an hour and we talked via hand gestures and laughing.DSC_0359The kindest family in Nepal.  Clem and I stayed with this lovely family for six weeks in the Chitwan District of Nepal.DSC_0548Goma, a Nepali volunteer, who stayed with us during our stay in Nepal.  She helped us with everything everyday!DSC_0610The children we taught in Nepal.  I’m sure we learnt more from them than they did from us.DSC_0927The four guys who showed us around the holy town of Bodh Gaya in India.  They showed us many places and shared food with us.  They made our India travel extra special!DSC_1233Our guide in the Amazon who took u around for 3 days.  This is him catching a piranha for dinner!DSC05380The fun Brazilians who you celebrate Carnival with.DSCF1145The children I played with in Argentina, we spent hours playing games outside.DSCF2168DSCF2169

Marcella xx

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