Cocktail and Nail Arts

I had a true Girls’ night yesterday, which included cocktails, the Cesar Awards on TV, Nail art and my friend Jennifer! Here are pictures of our “delish” cocktail called “Elixir d’amour” and the process of my friend Jen’s Nail Art!

To make this amazing cocktail, you will need :

4 cl. pomme d’amour (caramelized apple)  syrup, 6 cl. de Vodka, 4 cl de Cointreau, 12 cl. de  white grapefruit juice, ice cubes. Two cocktails glasses and a shaker would be useful too!


Mix in the shaker: ice cubes, vodka, Cointreau and grapefruit juice. Then shake it, shake it, shake it!  Filter the content of the shaker to keep the ice out of the cocktail glasses. Last but not least, add 2 cl of syrup in each glass and wait until you see different layers of colours in your glass before sipping…


Nail Art was fun, it took hours to make, because you have to build a base on your nail before drawing! We talked for a while before Jen got the idea of what I would like and what she would be drawing! We started with the idea of Bollywood in our mind and ended up by drawing flowers and shapes inspired from my Mandala book! It was so much fun! The cocktails helped in instauring a great atmosphere and setting the creative vibe!

Thanks Jen! You’re a pro!

Clem xxx

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