Mandala means circle or enclosure.  

Mandalas are mostly associated with Buddhism, especially Tibetan Buddhism and are made up of different shapes and images. In Tibet, Mandalas are made with colored sand, which represents their ephemeral pratice and benefit.  They are geometrically organised and can be used as a mean towards meditation. They are very useful to enhance your concentration and creativity, and to calm your breathing and your mind!

“The path is unique for all, means to reach a goal differ for each traveler” Tibetan Proverb.

We have both been having a go at colouring our own mandalas, here are a few….

IMG_0212 DSC00643IMG_0213IMG_0220 DSC00642IMG_0224IMG_0427 DSC00640IMG_0428IMG_0429IMG_0439IMG_0441DSC00639

Have you ever coloured or drawn mandalas before?

Marcella & Clem xxx

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