A taste of French cuisine

A big part of visiting a country is tasting the local cuisine, it’s even better to sample home cooking.  That’s exactly what I did when I visited Marseille, France.

Ready? Let’s see…

These are all meals without meat.

A tasty breakfast of pain au chocolat and croissant, from the local bakery, is the perfect way to start the day (we also had cereal, juice and clementines).  Perfect when they are still warm from the oven.DSC00574DSC00575

For lunch, wander to the harbour to have some delicious moule frites (mussels and fries) cooked in creamy white wine sauce.  Served with a baguette and french fries, perfect for dipping into the sauce.  Ask for a pile of napkins as it can get quite messy.  Totally delicious!DSC00586DSC00589DSC00588DSC00587

After a busy morning and early afternoon of wandering around the city and museums, you’ll need an afternoon sugar boost.  Try a crêpe with ice cream or visit a local cafe for a warming hot chocolate and a treat!DSC00569DSC00610DSC00608DSC00607

Head home for dinner.  Starting with a scrumptious vegetable soup, which can also be served with noodles.  Followed by a tomato and tuna tart or a courgette omelette.  Don’t forget to finish every meal with a baguette and a selection of cheeses!  My favourite cheese is Chaussee aux Moines but it’s best to try all of the cheeses to see which you like best. DSC00572DSC00573DSC00481DSC00536DSC00482DSC00479Merci Clem et Mami!  I’ll be back again soon 🙂

Marcella xx

p.s What’s your favourite French dish?

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