It’s in the cards. Valparaiso, Chile

For Christmas I was sent this beautiful pack of cards from Chile titled ‘My trip to Valparaiso.’  Valparaiso, also known as ‘Valpo,’ is on the coast of Chile, just north of Santiago.  It is famous for it’s colour, art and steep hills.

Instead of a guide book in the form of a book, this is a guide book in the form of cards.  The pack is made up of 52 cards each with a beautifully illustrated picture on the front and a description of what to see on the back.

DSC00405DSC00406DSC00409According to the website they also do other ranges for Santiago and San Pedro de Atacama. 

Having been to Valparaiso several times when I was both travelling and living in Chile I thought i’d look through my photos (and Clem’s too!) and see which ones I could match to the cards and also see where I should visit next time!

Let’s go…

When you arrive jump on a trolleybus, look out of the window and get a taste of what is in store.


Next, begin to climb up the stairs and enjoy getting higher and higher up!  They do say that the girls in Valpo have the best legs in Chile and this is why!DSC00417


Enjoy the spectacular views!DSC00416


Legs getting tired?  Take a funicular to avoid some of the steps.


Take a breather from Paseo Atkinson to admire the panoramic view of the bay and the colourful houses behind you.


When you reach the top of the hills stop at La Sebastiana; Pablo Neruda’s house.  Neruda was a Chilean poet who won a Nobel Prize for Literature.  Take an audio guide tour that will take you around the five floored house.

DSC00412DSCN4187Of course the real unique part of Valparaiso is that it’s like being in an outdoor gallery as at every twist and turn there is street art.DSC00410P1030835

To finish off the day enjoy the beach of Viña del Mar, just next door to Valparaiso.DSC00411DSCN4268

Valparaiso is a captivating city full of colour, charm and cheer.  Nos vemos Valpo!  This is number one on my list for next time in Valpo…


Marcella xo (and some photos by Clem!)

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