Indian and Nepali Food

So I started looking through all my travel photos, intending to write a post about my favourite food from around the world but I don’t get very far!  I got stuck on Indian and Nepali (Nepalese) food and realised that it definitely needed a post of it’s own.


As a non meat-eater it can be difficult to travel far and wide without just eating bread and salad for days on end or having people look at you as if you have two heads when you tell them you don’t eat meat.  However, India and Nepal are the places to go!  Veggie food is the norm and you will be utterly spoilt with the wide variety of choice and preparations.

When spending 7 weeks living with a family in Nepal we ate the same food, during the week, everyday for three meals a day.  Let me introduce you to Dal Bhat….



There are slightly different preparations but in essence it is rice, lentils, roti, potatoes and maybe a few other vegetables.  It’s very carb heavy but utterly delicious and very moreish.  ImageImage

You may be lucky to get hold of some creamy rice pudding too, we were cooked these HUGE pots full of the stuff!


In India, we ate at many local restaurants where you have Thali for lunch or dinner for the equivalent of 25p.


Thali is similar to Dal Bhat in that it’s made up of a selection of little dishes.  And you know that 25p, that includes unlimited re-fills of your plate – they keep coming round and filling it up.

Look at this overflowing plate of goodness!


And don’t forget, Chai.  Sweet, milky tea which is served everywhere in cute, metal cups.

Bon appetit!


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