My favourite travel photos

I’ve picked out my top 10 travel photos that i’ve taken.  Not just for the image itself but also for the memories attached to them… Let me take you on a journey. Enjoy 🙂

(1) The Chitwan District, Nepal

Sunset over rice fields in Nepal.  You can see The Himalayas peeking out in the background. This photo was taken during monsoon season when the rice fields were soaked with monsoon rain.


(2) Bodh Gaya, India

Colourful prayer flags on top of a hill.  Bogh Gaya was a very spiritual place.  This image reminds me of the most adventurous 3 days we had in India.


(3) Taj Mahal, India

A side view of the stunning wonder.  I love the beautiful colours of the women’s saris in the foreground.


(4) Florianópolis, Brazil

Finding paradise – discovering a deserted beach after walking along a trail for 2hrs.  Pure bliss!


(5) Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Stunning – the 30km long glacier.


(6) San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

The driest desert in the world.  Landscape like i’ve never seen before.  So unspoilt.  These men were enjoying an afternoon of horse riding.



(7) Altiplano Andino, Bolivia.

Just beautiful.  Part of a journey from Chile to Bolivia.  You may not believe it from the photo but it was freezing!



(8) The Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

Drifting through The Amazon and playing panpipes.


(9) Gran Sabana, Venezuela

Finding this beauty after being on buses for many days to get to Venezuela.


(10) Pichilemu, Chile

Camping at the end of a special trip in middle Chile.  The bright lights of the town from the camping site.


Marcella xo


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